At the PSI in Düsseldorf, we presented High Five®, the world’s first 5in1 charging cable for key rings, to our partners and customers in the co-branding sector. The feedback was – as reported – overwhelming.

We are introducing our new tech accessory on the crowdfunding platforms to the international end customer market. A week ago, we launched our campaign on the world’s largest platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There you have the opportunity to pre-order High Five®’s so-called Perks at a reduced price and by doing so help us reach our funding goal of 15,000 Euro each.

High Five® is the world’s most compact 5in1 charging cable. It consists of a USB-A connector and a cable with connectors for USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning and can charge any mobile device. The 5in1 charging cable easily attaches to a key ring and is always with you. It is a real life saver, in this day in age, when smartphones have become our constant companions, you become cut off from the outside world without a charged battery.

“We have received a lot of fantastic and constructive feedback so far,” reports Head of Marketing Sascha Herrmann. “We have already far exceeded our target for Kickstarter! We are overwhelmed by the strong support from
the community”.

In addition to numerous users, our campaign has also attracted the attention of international media. Internationally renowned tech portals such as “9to5Mac“, “The Verge“, „Geeky-Gadgets“ and „Sonitrón“ have featured our High Five®.

Here you can go directly to our campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo!